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Ini Edo Finally Talks About Her Body Enhancements Surgery

Actress Ini Edo has for the first time spoken about her experience with plastic surgery and other forms of body enhancement.

The actress has quickly become one of the most well-known faces in Nigerian film. The rumors that Ini Edo has undergone plastic surgery to improve her appearance have persisted for a long time.

Ini Edo was recently interviewed by Pulse Nigeria, and the publication wanted to know her thoughts on female body alteration and cosmetic improvement, as well as her response to those who humiliate women for doing so.

She said nobody has the right to tell another person how to live their life or who they should or should not be, and she think it’s awful when people sit about passing judgment on others.

Ini stated that, when she encounters such people, she always tells them, “You first of all, have to be able to dictate the pace of your life to be able to dictate somebody else’s pace. It makes no sense that you have no control over your own life and you’re trying to think that it’s okay to have control over somebody else’s life, it doesn’t make any sense. And I say to women, you be your own person”.

She also said people are responsible for their own decisions and acts and must bear the consequences of those decisions and actions. Consequently, no one has the right to tell a woman how she should present herself.

Especially in the kind of industry she is in, people used to tell her, “oh you added so much weight, you should lose weight”, and this kind of comment makes people begin to put all those crazy ideas in their heads and makes some of them fall into places where they start to doubt themselves and their self-confidence begins to dwindle because of the constant negatives that they are hearing.

“But you need to grow to a point where you realize that it is your body, it is your life, and nobody else has the right to tell you to do this or don’t do this. It is your right to say this is what I want to look like, this is how I want to look. Do whatever works for you as long as you’re able to live with the consequences of your actions, it is entirely your prerogative”. she said.

Source – Tru News Report

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