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Majid Michel Finally Explains What Happened To His Voice

Ghanaian actor Majid Michel has revealed the cause of his voice change. He’s a well-known TV host, model, humanitarian, actor, and evangelist.

He became well-known because of how well he played General Mumbasa/Frank in the 2011 movie Somewhere in Africa. Since then, he has been in many more movies and TV shows, like The Things We Do for Love (2003) and Agony of the Christ (2008).

In an emotional interview sighted by Tru News Report, Majid Michel said he started noticing a change in his voice after an accident, denying rumors that he had throat cancer and had surgery. Majid’s voice is now so weak that it is hard to hear him when he talks.

He made the revelation when he appeared on Hitz FM Day Break Hitz Show with Andy Dosty. He said, “So we were coming from champs when we just entered the road two cars were racing from our back from GBC road hit the back of our car and the whole ass of my car came all the way to the back sit”.

“So I got a mad whiplash, this is the first time I’m telling this story because number one I never associated it with this but listen, immediately we got out of the car my voice started breaking when I was talking to the guy”.

“Do you know every time I tell the doctors they tell me no it can never be from that but I said that right after the accident when I got out of the car and was talking my voice was breaking, but all the doctors said it can’t be from the accident but I remember and this is my first time saying this on the radio” he added.

Source – Tru News Report

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