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Teacher Allegedly Flogged 13-Year-Old Student To Death

A teacher at the Swedru Methodist B primary school has been accused of being responsible for the death of Godfred Ankomah, a 13-year-old student who was lashed for mistakes he made on his homework.

According to reports, Godfred Ankomah, who tragically passed away before receiving the six lashes he deserved for mistakes on his previous assignment, was among the kids whose teacher, Millicent, decided to carry out the punishment by whipping them across the back for making too much noise.

UTV reported that a 13-year-old student, who had been sick after receiving lashes, passed away while being taken to the hospital.

The deceased tried to inform the teacher about his health condition, but she ignored him and struck him in the back despite his condition.

When Godfred Ankomah returned home, he suddenly became unwell and started coughing, so he was sent to the government hospital in Agona Swedru; however, doctors discovered blood in the mucus of his cough, and medication was administered to him, but since the cough had not improved, he was then transferred to the Winneba Government Hospital. Ankomah didn’t make it to the hospital in time, he unfortunately passed away while being transported there.

Source – Tru News Report

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