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Two Ghanaian Football Players Arrested On Gang Rape Charges In India

A young woman was reportedly gang raped by two Ghanaian players at a city guest house after being lured into a sex racket by a woman from New Town.

On the basis of the lady’s accusation, the two football players and the woman were taken into custody by New Town police.

According to the police, the woman, who was in her late twenties at the time, had recently divorced her spouse and was living alone in a rented apartment in the Gouranganagar neighbourhood of New Town. However, she had asked her neighbour Lisa Collins for money after being unemployed, and Collins stated that she could have been able to get work.

Collins allegedly requested that the lady go to work with her on May 16. She was eventually forced to spend the night with the two Ghanaian footballers in a guest house in Picnic Garden.

An officer from the Bidhannagar City Police stated, “The woman claimed  the two men had sex with her on multiple occasions through the night against her wishes and was let go only the next morning.”

The lady was so traumatised by the attack that she hid out in her leased flat for two days before gathering the strength to report Collins and the two players to the New Town police station on Friday. After receiving her complaint, New Town police detained Collins and escorted her to the Tiljala residence, where the two football players were arrested. 

The two Ghanaians, Christopher Nars (28 years old) and Moses Zutah (24 years old), travelled to India on student visas and found work as part-time footballers for clubs all around the state in exchange for financial compensation.

They were arrested and charged with violations of Code of Indian Law sections 376 D (gangrape), 120B (criminal conspiracy), and 34 (common intention). All two defendants face the possibility of life in prison if convicted. They appeared in court in Barasat on Sunday and were remanded to police custody. The victim’s identity has been withheld to preserve her privacy in accordance with Supreme Court guidelines for sexual assault cases.

Source – Tru News Report

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