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XXXTentacion Murder Trial: Judge Says Drake Is Not Needed For Deposition

TMZ reports Drake’s request has been granted, and he will not be questioned by a defense attorney regarding the murder of XXXTentacion.

Judge Michael A. Usan agreed to Drake’s request to skip the deposition, overturning a previous court order that said he had to answer questions later this month.

The lawyer for suspect Dedrick Williams, Mauricio Padilla, said before that Drake had to be there for questioning because he had a feud with XXX in the past.

The judge agreed with Drake’s attorney, Bradford Cohen, that Drizzy has no relevant information to add to the case.

Padilla might be able to convince the judge that Drake needs to be deposed for another reason and get a new subpoena, but the trial has already started, so time is running out. 

However, Champagne Papi will not be involved at this time.

Source – Tru News Report


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