Experts Advocate Fruit Juice Intake To Boost Immune System

Experts have emphasised the need for regular consumption of fruit juice to boost and support the optimal functioning of the body’s immune system as well as sustain a healthy lifestyle.
They gave the submission at the yearly Chivita World Juice Day organised by CHI Limited with the theme ‘Supporting Everyday Wellness’.
The experts noted that the consumption of fruit juice is critical in providing important nutrients for overall health and wellness.

They said the first step on the journey of wellness is a balanced diet, which is achievable by evaluating and taking advantage of readily available and affordable nutrient fillers.

The Assistant Chief Dietitian/Nutritionist, Lagos State Health Service Commission, Dr. Olusola Malomo, said people should rely heavily on nutrients, vitamins and minerals derived from daily food consumption to stay healthy.

Malomo noted that regardless of the motive for food consumption, one of the best measures to building and sustaining a healthy lifestyle is to regularly consume antioxidant-rich beverages such as 100% fruit juice.
He said fruit juice has the same nutritional value as natural fruits and is a valuable source of nutrients that are bioactive and can support the immune system by fighting free radicals and also reduce fatigue.

“Drinking a glass of 100% fruit juice daily can boost Vitamin C and folate intake and, by doing so, support the optimal functioning of the body’s immune system. It can also help lower inflammation and has a beneficial effect against cardiovascular diseases,” he added.
The Marketing Director, CHI, Mrs. Toyin Nnodi, noted that there is a need for more Nigerians to embrace fruit juice consumption as its daily intake fortifies the immune system and keeps the body hydrated.
She said fruit juices are impactful for people of all ages as its nutritional benefits apply to everyone.
“At this year’s edition of Chivita World Juice Day, we are underlining the health benefits of fruit juice consumption as a necessity for everyday wellness. Including a glass of fruit juice as part of your daily diet can help you unlock a healthier and more fruitful life,” Nnodi stated.

Source: The Guardian

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