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Toddler Unusually Waves Around A Loaded Handgun, Points It At Himself, Then Pulls The Trigger

A video shows a diapered kid in an apartment building corridor playing with a loaded handgun before pointing it towards himself and squeezing the trigger.

Neighbors who observed the youngster last Saturday reported him to police, and officers arrived to investigate the flat where he lived with his father.

The father was detained after a 9mm Smith & Wesson pistol was found in the back of a desk drawer.

Authorities say the father might face child negligence charges. The gun contained no bullets, thus the youngster was unharmed.

The boy was returned to his mother, with whom he lived with full time.

The incident took place in Beech Grove, Indiana, which is just outside of Indianapolis.

Last year – over the objections of police and Hoosiers – Indiana lawmakers passed permitless carry, which allows people to have easy access to guns without a background check or safety training. Data shows the law increases gun crime and death.

Source – Tru News Report

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