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Video Of Father Giving His Baby Weed to Smoke While The Mother Records Sparks Uproar Online

In a distressing video that has sparked wild condemnation from online folks, a father is shown feeding his infant Indian hemp while his wife records the entire scene.

The man who appears to be the child’s father held the girl in her arms while smoking marijuana in the aforementioned video. He continued by giving the innocent baby the stuff to smoke.

The sound of the mother’s voice laughing and filming the video could be heard in the background as this was happening. It was astonishing to see how the kid handled the marijuana as if it were nothing out of the ordinary.

Although the irresponsible parents thought they were having fun and thus saw their actions as harmless, netizens have bashed them in equal proportion.

Meanwhile, a young woman from Nigeria who goes by the name Ngozi Blessing has stated on Facebook that she is facing difficulties and considering selling her soul to the devil.

Blessing said she is not making any headway in life probably having served God all her life and now she wants to flip the coin and see what the other side has for her.

The young woman, who is barely a teenager, said in a post that she had experienced things that were beyond the scope of her mental health.

Blessing seemed to have made up her mind to make a deal with the devil in exchange for wealth and prosperity in order to finally escape life’s difficulties.

“Am thinking of selling my soul to the devil. The challenges am facing is more than enough” she wrote.

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