A List of 6 Excellent Manly Sexual Advice

Need to spice up your sexual life? You and your partner may find that your sex life improves with the use of these basic principles and methods.

Let’s face it: even the most experienced among us could use a helping hand in the sex department every once in a while. Do something new tonight and give your partner a taste of these easy, simple sex techniques.

Touch without sex

Even when you’re not having sex, you can improve your sex life by touching in a close, but not sexual, way. Touch is important, but it doesn’t always mean sex. It’s important to be close to your partner by touching her every day with love and care. Kiss her every day, and don’t be afraid to let her kiss you back.

Make sure you eat well

Treating your body well with appropriate nutrition affects the complete body, including your libido. This may not sound like sex advice, but it actually is. “Eat nutritious meals to lower cholesterol and maintain a healthy cardiovascular system,” she says as an additional piece of advice. This will guarantee that the circulation in the southern hemisphere is operating at its highest possible level

Compliment her physical appearance

Do you want to know how to make her go crazy and improve your sex life? When complimenting your partner, Find a special trait, and tell her that she is the finest in the world.

Try to put yourself in a woman’s shoes

Approach problems from a female perspective. You don’t have to be a woman to think like one in bed, You should focus on places like her neck, foot, and inner thighs that she hardly pays any mind to. Embarrass her to no end. Make her long for it. A climactic climax will wow you!

Allow her to be in charge

When it comes to making love, men are often the ones to take the initiative. The secret to better sex isn’t always taking command; sometimes, it’s letting her take the lead. Don’t be scared to let your companion lead, Give your partner the opportunity to take the lead sexually every once in a while.


No matter how you get ready for better sex, you shouldn’t skip the foreplay, no matter how long you’ve been together as a couple. “Foreplay is a big reason why orgasms are stronger and sex is better, Turning up your self-regulating nervous system will make you more sensitive, get you more excited, and make your orgasms stronger. Your patience and careful attention will pay off.

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