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A Woman Should Never Do Her Husband’s Laundry With Washing Machine – South African Man Argues

According to one Shandu Kani who hails from South Africa, it is improper for a woman to use a washing machine to wash her husband’s clothes.

He declared that a lady who uses a washing machine to do her husband’s laundry has shown gross disrespect to him. While Shandu admitted that things had changed in consonance with modernity in the controversial post he shared on Twitter, he argued that some family values must still be upheld.

According to him, a woman’s refusal to wash her clothing by hand indicates that she is not interested in working hard for her husband because marriage demands sacrifice.

Shandu, however, stated that this was just his view and he did not anticipate men would demand this of their spouses.

He tweeted; “I know times have changed, but you can’t wash your husband’s clothes with a machine, it’s pure disrespect to your husband, ask elders they’ll tell you.

Marriage is hard work, and if you’re using a washing machine it means you don’t want to work hard for your husband. It’s my own personal opinion, I am patriarchal and I believe in patriarchal marriages !!!

However, I am not in any way advocating marital abuse, a woman shouldn’t be abused, women are a gift from God, they should be cherished, protected and loved.”

See his post:

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