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Abeiku Santana Goes On Blocking Spree After Trolls Got Under His Skin, Delay Says She Also Been Blocked

A livid Abeiku Santana has reportedly gone on a blocking spree after he dominated the headlines for trying beyond his elastic limit to impress Ghanaian business mogul Osei Kwame Despite at his 61st birthday.

In case you missed it, let’s fill you in; Tru News Report earlier mentioned that ace broadcaster Abeiku Santana has become the object of mockery on the internet for the way he conducted himself around Dr Kwame Despite to commemorate his birthday.

The host of the radio program Ekwanso Dwoodwoo on Okay FM in Accra could be seen in a video making waves online trying hard to please his boss by singing from the abyss of his diaphragm when other people around Despite had stopped singing.

Evidently, when members of East Legon Executive Club (the billionaire’s club Despite belongs to) stopped singing and started shaking hands with Despite, Abeiku was still singing loudly.

His antics never impressed some online folks and they came for him proportionally, particularly after one of the videos saw Despite ignoring him completely over his elaborate appellations.

It is on this score that Mr Santana has hit back at some celebs who probably joined the bandwagon by teasing him. Deloris Frimpong Manso aka Delay revealed on Twitter that she has been blocked by Santana without any provocation.

“But I haven’t done anything, oo,” Delay tweeted on February 3, 2023.

In other social media reactions, a user said, “I’m not sure Santana himself would do this.. maybe the one managing his account.”

Another user added, “Delay, don’t mind Abeiku Santana, okay; he’s being emotional. Who likes trolling more than him?”

“Did you laugh at the child, or you didn’t???” a third asked.

Source – Tru News Report


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