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Appietus And Papi Of Five5 Exchange Insults On Live TV

Appiah Dankwah, better known as Appietus, is a legendary figure in Ghana’s music industry. In recent times, he has come under fire from a former member of the group Five5 and his manager, Bullgod. Papi claims that he was never compensated for his contributions to the smash hit ‘Muje Baya.’

In an interview on Citi TV in January 2023, Appietus claimed that the band had deceived him and that he had never been compensated for the hit song, ‘Muje Baya’ (Move Back), by the Ghanaian music duo 5Five, featuring himself, which was released in 2010. These allegations have stoked tensions between Appietus and Papi.

In responding on Sammy Flex’s CTV Entertainment Show, Papi also gave his side of the story, accusing Appietus of stealing their money by releasing their music digitally and failing to share any of the proceeds with them.

Papi challenged Appietus when he called in to defend himself, then they started exchanging words.

“Can you imagine, I have done over 200 hits, if it’s not this country can this guy come and sit on TV to talk to me like this? I am so hurt, this is why a lot of producers are not helping” Appietus said.

Papi responded by saying “He is very stupid and dumb… Appietus you are dumb, barter trade is still payment or you don’t understand the word. You claim I never paid for the studio session. You are very stupid… Appietus your whole career, your whole life, Muje Baya made you. All your songs, which one made you?” he quizzed.

In the heat of the argument, Appietus asked Papi if he had ever paid studio fees.

“Note that I will take the matter to court “he noted.

Source – Tru News Report

Frebetha Atieku Adjoh

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