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Asantewaa Had An Abortion For Dancegod Lloyd – Cyril’s Baby Mama, Eyram Makes Wild Allegation

The year just started on a ‘vawaulence’ note after screenshots purported to have been sent by Eyram to a gossip blogger gives a snippet of how TikTok star cheated on her husband with Dancelloyd God and even aborted a baby for him.

According to the post, Asantewaa disclosed to Dancegod that her husband is weak in bed and has weak manhood and that she wants him to give her something sweeter under the sheets.

Furthermore, it asserts that during their intimate relationship, the Tiktoker got pregnant for the dancer and had the baby aborted to spare him from disgrace.

The claims have not been supported by any evidence, yet netizens have been spreading the information in the grapevine.

IG blogger Tutugyagu shared the screenshots of what Eyram- who is privy to this information said but was quick to take sides in the matter as deduced from the caption she shared.

So I just received these screenshots on Snapchat and they were from Eyram’s page. She posted these allegations on her page, and I’m wondering who’ll believe such cock and bull stories? 😂. See I am not taking sides but I stand for justice.

You have sc@mmed the girl, just give her back her money. You decided to create ghost accounts to text your main page so you can later take screenshots and post. It’s only those KG1 graduates on your page who’ll believe this🤣.

I’m not saying Asantewaa is a saint but everything shows this whole text was made by yourself. If you have any proof just drop them. If you’re afraid, send them to me, I’ll drop them for you.

If not, then Asantewaa you have to let the law deal with her for what she’s posted about your husband and Dancegod Lloyd, I know you’ll see this !!!

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