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I Hate My Father, He’s The Worst Thing That Ever Happened to Me- Asantewaa Causes Stir Online

Famous Ghanaian TikTok personality Asantewaa has caused a stir online after she shared a disturbing note on her WhatsApp status.

The young influencer said she hates her father with a passion, noting that she is the worst thing that ever happened to her. She went ahead to ask her manager Cassious to bury her near her mom’s grave when she passes on untimely.

The message was quickly captured by Ghpage and shared on their YouTube channel which has been reshared in this report. Essentially, we understand celebs who came across the post have inundated her DM to plead with her to let go of any resentment she has against her dad.

The last time we heard of Asantewaa was when she demonstrated horrible fashion choices during a wedding ceremony, and Charlie Dior, the self-professed fashion police was at his best when criticizing her for it.

Charlie wasted no time in offering his uninvited comments about her attire in his capacity as a fashion critic. The TikTok celebrity reportedly arrived at the event wearing nothing but a shirt and a headwrap.

One could tell from a distance that she did it to gain influence, make herself the centre of attention online, as well as attract more viewers to her TikTok platform to increase money.

But whichever way, Charlie Dior was having none of that and duly slammed her for her ‘village’ attitude. He also turned his attention to her pair of shows and made unsavoury comments about it.

Source – Tru News Report


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