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Asking A Dwarf How He Satisfies A Woman In Bed Is Disrespectful – Don Little

Kumawood actor Stephen Atanga, better known by his stage name Don Little, has talked about how disrespectful it is to ask a guy who lives with dwarfism how he satisfies a lady in bed.

In a conversation with Emelia Brobbey, Don Little talked about how many times fans, friends, and coworkers have hurt his feelings by asking how he ever manages to gratify a lady sexually despite his obvious physical shortcomings. He has taught people the need for moderation and the necessity of stopping making jokes about midgets.

According to Don Little, it takes a lot of patience to refrain from clapping back at people who look down on you. “Have some respect for us; after all, we are human beings just like you.” “It’s important to show respect in both directions,” he said.

“I am a man, not a youngster, and so please do not pat me like a child.” and went on to share some of the insulting comments that they get on a regular basis, saying things like, “Don, how can you have sex with a lady, given your little stature?”.

He continued by saying that friends had betrayed him behind his back because of his short stature “I say this because I went to a benefactor who has helped me a lot with a friend I take care of, and my benefactor talked to me about taking care of his business for him. However, my friend who accompanied me sabotaged me behind my back by telling the man that I am too short to handle the business and that the man should give the business to him instead”.

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Source – Tru News Report

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