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Da’ Hammer Resigns From A1 Bread; Announces Return To Music

Renowned Ghanaian producer Da’ Hammer has made a significant announcement regarding his comeback to the music industry.

This comes after his resignation from his position as Managing Partner and Head of Sales/Marketing at A1 Bread. Da’ Hammer, who is credited with nurturing and propelling artistes such as Sarkodie, Tinny, Edem, Kwaw Kese, and others into the mainstream, took to his Facebook page to share details about his upcoming compilation album, ‘Upper Echelon,’ which is scheduled for release in early 2024.

The compilation album, as revealed by Da’ Hammer, will feature a blend of new and old-school music, showcasing both emerging talents and established artists. While expressing his gratitude to A1 Bread for accepting his resignation, Da’ Hammer emphasized that his decision would not impact his role as an equity stakeholder in the company.

In his announcement, Da’ Hammer shed light on the challenges he faced in juggling his creative process, A1 Bread responsibilities, and managing RedEye’s comeback album. The extended timeline for the release of ‘Upper Echelon’ ultimately led to his decision to step down from his day job, enabling him to fully dedicate himself to his music career.

He posted:

I’ve been working on my new compilation album for a while now. The album is mostly dominated by the new school artists and blessed by some veteran artists as well. Production commenced around August 2022 and targeted a scheduled release date of April 2023. The problem is, this album’s completion has become protracted due to my trying to balance the demands of my creative process and my day job as Managing Partner and Head of Sales/Marketing at A1 Bread, all whilst simultaneously trying to manage RedEye’s comeback album as well… so I had to make a decision. Im glad to report that A1 Bread has accepted my resignation in good faith to allow me to focus on my return to music, and my decision to resign from my day job will not impact my standing in the company as an equity stakeholder whatsoever. Ekumfi Juice, on the other hand, isn’t as demanding because we’re only key distributors of the brand; thus, the team will continue serving you the best pineapple juice in the world today. Look out for my new album ‘Upper Echelon’ in early 2024. Thank you and Happy Holidays.

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