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DNA Proves American Rapper Trippie Redd Is Not The Father Of His Child

American rapper Trippie Redd has found himself entangled in a case of paternity fraud. Upon undergoing a DNA test, he was shocked to learn that the child he believed to be his own is not biologically related to him.

During a conversation with DDG regarding parenthood, he disclosed that the results showed he does not have any children. Despite previously announcing the birth of a son in November, it seems that Trippie’s fatherhood journey has taken an unexpected turn.

“How’s fatherhood?” DDG asked in a vlog on YouTube. “I feel like we had a kid around the same time.” From there, Trippie remarked: “Bruh, I got a DNA test. I don’t even got a kid.”

He explained: “I swear, bro. I thought I did, and then I told the world that. Like, ahead of time, I never got no DNA test. And I ended up getting a DNA test and it wasn’t my kid.”

From there, DDG asked “Did it kind of mess with you a little bit?” to which Trippie admitted it did. He also revealed his mother was the one to pressure him into getting the DNA test. “I feel like all the things I was going through during that time was like, really f**king with me,” he said.

Trippie Redd

“That’s why I couldn’t go on tour, or like, couldn’t do shows and s**t. I couldn’t really get in my spunk, and feel good and s**t. It was a lot of s**t going on. Just a lot of confusion. I mean, it’s life. A lot of s**t just happens. Maybe it happened for a reason.” Check out DDG’s conversation with Trippie Redd below.

Relatedly, former Cameroonian international midfielder who played for Real Madrid and Chelsea, Geremi Njitap requested a divorce from his wife after a DNA test revealed he is not the father of the twins born in June 2008.

The end of their marriage, as per court records obtained by our informants, stems from Toukam Fotso Laure’s alleged deception concerning the paternity of their twin children.

Born on June 5, 2008, four years before their wedding, Toukam presented the twins as her own, leading Njitap to believe they were their biological children.

Shockingly, a paternity test later revealed that the twins were fathered by Toukam’s previous partner, prompting her to admit to the deceit and encouraging Njitap to allow visitations with their biological father.

Njitap stated that the marriage, which initially held the promise of harmony and excitement, quickly deteriorated into a nightmare.

The document reveals that Toukam resorted to offensive insults, branding Njitap as a “low neighbourhood furrower” and subjecting him to verbal abuse, while also preventing him from entering their shared bedroom, forcing him to seek refuge elsewhere in their home.

Source – Tru News Report


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