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Duncan Williams’ Son Picked Up By Police And Locked Up In Hospital Whilst Travelling to Lagos to Meet New Girlfriend

There’s a new wave of drama brewing around Ghanaian clergyman Nicholas Duncan Williams and his ‘black sheep’ son Daniel Duncan Williams, affectionately known as Deewills.

Daniel shared a video online revealing how his father pulled his influential strings to have him arrested and detained in a hospital- claiming he is insane and needed psychiatric attention.

Daniel and his father Nicholas Duncan Williams

In his words, his family is very controlling. So, he decided to go on a trip to Nigeria to visit his girlfriend without telling his family but his father found out and intercepted his journey after he reached Togo.

“When I got to the Togo border, my dad made a call to the security people and they detained me and told me lies about how I came up in their system and I was red listed because my name is a threat name,” Daniel mentioned in the video.

Deewills disclosed that he has been locked up in a hospital with claims that he is sick.

“I was detained for 3 hours, they waited for my dad’s personal security team to get to the border, they came to pick me up and dropped me at a hospital saying that I am in insane,” he said.

According to Deewills in the video below, he still has his phone because he didn’t show off when he was picked up. He asked for justice to be served, saying; “I need justice, they do this too much. Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams, this is not how you treat your son.”

Source – Tru News Report


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