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Fans Applaud DJ Cuppy’s Hot Clapback to Troll Who Called Her Stingy

Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola is a Nigerian DJ and producer who goes by the stage name, DJ Cuppy. She’s the daughter of a Nigerian millionaire, and has recently resurfaced in the headlines due to a fight she had with an troll online.

The incident started when a Twitter user with the handle, Babatunde Temitope, contacted Cuppy and accused her of being stingy.

He tweeted, “How far stingy cuppy”?

DJ Cuppy who seemed unbothered retorted by asking, “How far entitled babatunde.?”

Here is what ensued.

DJ Cuppy has been commended by some internet users for her response to the troll. It didn’t take long for DJ Cuppy’s conversation with the troll to go viral on social media, with many netizens endorsing it. Her response, in the opinion of some netizens was flawless.

Take a look at some of reactions to the tweet.

Favent: “The same Cuppy who through her foundation donated N5billion to Save the Children in 2019? Na wa”

Uckieijay: “Best Response.”

Olódùmarè’s masterpiece: “Only a beggar can know if someone is stingy or not’

Tobiloba: “Entitled” I love her response. By their tweet, we know them Urgent 2K. It’s obvious this Banbiala has been in her DM from Jan – Dec.”

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