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Getting Visa Is A Big Deal For Some Ghanaian Artistes- Mr Logic

During an interview with Blakk Rasta, artiste manager Mr Logic expressed his disappointment in some up-and-coming artists who settle for mediocrity and view obtaining a visa as a major accomplishment.

He highlighted instances where these musicians display ingratitude towards their supporters and repay them with negativity, often triggered by trivial matters like securing a visa to travel abroad.

Mr Logic emphasized that after gaining some exposure through their collaboration, these artists tend to become arrogant and choose to part ways.

“Our people from here you do it for them and they don’t appreciate it. Our people who are cross breeds appreciate the work music executives put in. I’m fully confident that Mo will not let me down.

“She does not need a visa to America and says since I’m going to America I will not work with you. The last artiste I worked with got a UK visa and decided not to work with me. A lot of them see getting a visa as a breakthrough,” he said.

In related news, Mr Logic made headlines a few days ago when he told celebrity blogger Zionfelix that he spends a staggering GH₵8,000 daily.

He justified this by stating that his expenses are in line with his dual roles as a businessperson and an active player in the entertainment industry.

Mr Logic mentioned that he allocates GH₵1,000 daily for fuel to facilitate his ‘movements’ as he goes to various TV and radio stations for interviews.

Additionally, he disclosed that he supports individuals who rely on him for financial assistance.

“Honestly, my daily expenditure is serious, in a day I can spend… it may be small for someone but at my level I spend at least GH₵8,000,” he told Zionfelix in an interview.

Source – Tru News Report


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