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Ghanaian Nutritionist Lists Kontomire, Gob3, Tiger Nuts And Groundnut As Good For Rich Sperm Production

A Ghanaian doctor has said foods high in protein and fiber, such as beans and gari aka gob3, roasted groundnuts and maize, tiger nuts, cocoyam leaves, known locally as kontomire and dark chocolate are good for rich sperm production.

The nutritionist whose name is Fred Amese explained on 3FM that by promoting the development of high-quality sperm and eggs, these meals speed up reproduction by enhancing the vibrancy of the male and female hormones.

“For what to eat to get quality sperm and ovaries, ‘gobe’ (beans) is number one, with palm oil, garnished with plantain. It is very rich in protein and fiber, and all foods with fiber give good sperm quality. If you look at the nutritional composition, carbohydrate is also very included” the nutritionist said.

According to him, the micronutrients in gob3 ensure the process of reproduction, which many people ignore. However, because these micronutrient deficiencies have alarmingly subtle and concealed effects, they are known as “hidden hunger.”

“In this country, we have what we call ‘hidden hunger’ and that is micro-nutrient deficiency where people are eating normally, but because the meals are not balanced, they are not meeting their nutritional needs, so the body is hungry even though they are satisfied.”

Mr. Amese also mentioned that the nutritional value of kontomire promotes good sperm and egg production hence urges its consumption but should be cooked appropriately thus, not over-boiled in order to sustain its nutritional value.

“Kontomire gives good sperm quality, but you need to prepare it in a way that you don’t destroy the nutrients, do not overcook it, just let a little heat cook it, take it out and grind it”

Further advice from the nutritionist to young guys is to refrain from wearing tight underwear because it is harmful to sperm release and production. He has highlighted that the sperm requires a specific temperature to grow and that altering the ideal temperature for its creation will reduce its productivity.

“The body is structured such that, it needs an optimum temperature for sperm production that is why nature in its own wisdom created a sack outwardly to contain the testicles so if you notice, when the weather is very cold the scrotum shrinks towards the body so that it will absorb heat from the body so if you’re wearing underwear which constantly shifting your testicles towards your body, it reacts to it by slowing down the sperm production process and consequently reducing sperm count” he admonished

Source – Tru News Report


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