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He Was Not Serious – Gyakie Reveals Why He Shot Down Kalybos’ Proposal

A few weeks ago, actor and comedian Kalybos revealed his deep admiration for songbird Gyakie in a radio interview.

He proclaimed that he was in love with the Forever hitmaker and wouldn’t hesitate to marry her if the opportunity present itself.

The lead character for the defunct Boys Kasa series, among other things, said that if given the chance, he would marry Gyakie since he admired her very much. Gyakie has finally responded to Kalybos’ statement in a fresh interview with blogger Sammy Kay.

In her words, Kalybos joked about the situation and didn’t see any seriousness attached to what he said which is why she never accepted his proposal. She was quoted as saying, “I believed he was being jocular; I didn’t realize he was serious.”

Furthermore, she claimed they had multiple discussions privately, but he never mentioned this to her as their conversations often revolved around her music, which is why she believes his proposal is a ploy on his part ostensibly just to grab attention.

Gyakie was in the news recently when she claimed that the songs’ lyrics are not about her personally and are instead intended for the audience as the majority of them may relate to them in various ways.

She admitted that it is really challenging for her to fall in love because she cannot identify who truly loves her and who just wants to ride along because of her celebrity, according to renowned Ghanaian humorist and TV/radio personality KSM on his KSM Show.

“So, I haven’t fallen in love because it is very difficult to tell who loves you for who you are or to tell who loves you because I am Gyakie and they want to brag about it, so that is another hazard,” Gyakie explained.

On the flip side, she said she might give love a try and succumb to the intricacies and power it wields.

She said, “Although there’s this fear and trying to make sure it is the best, I am still ready and very ready to mingle and give love a chance. So come, come, shot your shot!”

Source – Tru News Report


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