How And Why Sexting May Strengthen Your Bond With Your Partner

Sending seductive text messages to your spouse results in increased sexual pleasure overall, according to scientific studies. You may have never imagined that sexting could have such a positive impact on intimacy in love relationships.

Many women may find their sexual desires satisfied by the exchange of arousing text messages, which is great news for both sexes.

Sexting is receiving or forwarding sex messages, photographs, or videos, primarily between mobile phones. It may also include the use of a computer or any digital device

Sure, you could be thinking, “Sexting is only for teens” or “Isn’t sexting bad?”

This is because, until very recently, studies examining the effects of sexting mostly focused on the risks it posed to minors, The question of whether or not sexting makes young people more vulnerable to online sexual harassment has been a topic of discussion in classrooms, mother-child support groups, bars, and cafes.

In contrast, as I’ve learned more about sexting between adults, I’ve come to see that it can be an erotic sexual activity that leads to increased arousal, greater pleasure, and enhanced feelings of intimacy between couples, and is thus a positive contributor to sexual health generally — especially for women!

In order for a sexual relationship to be healthy, both partners must be honest with each other about their sexual needs, fantasies, and ways to get excited.

This kind of talk creates a common language between partners, a “language of delight” that helps them remember past experiences in bed and spark new fantasies.

Therefore, speaking with your spouse is an integral aspect of foreplay, and sexting is one of the fastest ways to increase desire.

Researchers from Drexel University examined 870 heterosexual American adults and found that “87.8% of individuals acknowledged to sexting at some point in their lives, and 82.2% had done it within the past year.”

There are three main types of arousal: cognitive or mental, affective or emotional, and physical, which is the body’s response to stimulation.

According to studies examining the impact of sexting on arousal processes, sexting couples report a higher degree of relationship satisfaction and a strong connection to good sentiments regarding their level of commitment to one another.

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first study that deals with pleasure (sexual and relational) as a result of sexting,” says Emily Stasko, a doctorate student in psychology at Drexel who conducted the research with Pamela Geller, an associate professor of psychology at the university. “We discovered sexting can play a part in a joyful, healthy, sexually gratifying relationship.”

Keep in mind that there’s more to sexting than sending suggestive photos. It’s a chance to tell our partners the sexual fantasy that’s been running through our heads.

To have more sexually charged interactions, people need to be free to enjoy and develop their imaginations, and fantasy is essential for this.

If the prospect of talking about your most intimate dreams isn’t enough to get you excited, maybe these figures will: By comparison, non-sexting women have 74% less sex than those who read and exchange erotica with their spouses.

In addition, they report more pleasant sex following sexting.

Sexting allows us to get our sexual frustrations out in a way that stimulates our thoughts and makes our bodies feel good at the same time. If you feel like your foreplay has been lacking, it’s time to step up your sexting game.

Allow sexting to serve as your pregame, your lingo of passion, and the medium through which you communicate your sensual desires. And when you’re finally in the same room as your lover, it’s fun to act out your wildest dreams together.

Try these simple and sexy suggestions based on the science of sexting:

Spell out the words that turn you both on. Use your partner’s preferred term for their privates.

Establish limits on the kinds of content you’ll allow in your dreams. Put another way, establish limits. The dirty conversation might be a significant attraction for some, but it makes others uncomfortable.

You two can sext as much as you like. Don’t forget that this results in 74% more (and better) sexual activity. Above all else, remember to enjoy yourself.

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