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Hustle & Stop Being A Choirmaster- Abeiku Santana Roasted By Netizens For What He Did For Dr Osei Kwame Despite On His B’day

Ace broadcaster Abeiku Santana has become the object of mockery on the internet for the way he conducted himself around business mogul Dr Kwame Despite to commemorate his birthday.

The host of the radio program Ekwanso Dwoodwoo on Okay FM in Accra could be seen in a video making waves online trying hard to please his boss by singing from the abyss of his diaphragm when other people around Despite had stopped singing.

Evidently, when members of East Legon Executive Club (the billionaire’s club Despite belongs to) stopped singing and started shaking hands with Despite, Abeiku was still singing loudly.

His antics never impressed some online folks and they came for him proportionally. See a few of the comments we have sampled for you followed by the video.

@Phil_deGorvenor Abeiku diaaaaaa self put put sorrr… Hustle ooo make you no come turn choirmaster by force

@Breezy_littt You people dey diss @AbeikuSantana I never liked the man for reasons but you people for remember say. Yes sir Massa no Dey spoil work.

@QuabenaKyila Abeiku for lead de Black stars Jama next time herh king of morale

@CharlesAsare7 The Yakubu job dierr Abeiku know how to do it well paaa

Osei Kwame Despite is a Ghanaian entrepreneur and a philanthropist with a foundation in music creation and knowledge of the broadcasting sector. He is the CEO of the Despite Firm Ltd, a trade company with subsidiaries in the media industry, including UTV, PEACE FM, OKAY FM, NEAT FM and HELLO FM in Kumasi.

He was named Africa Entrepreneur of the Year at the African Achievers Awards in the United Kingdom in 2021. He was also honoured with GH CAPTAIN’s Award in 2019 for his contributions to the socioeconomic development of the country.

Source – Tru News Report


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