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Marrying The Wrong Person Can Lead To Your Downfall- Kwaku Manu

Kwaku Manu has shared insightful marriage advice on social media. The actor and YouTuber emphasized the significance of choosing the right spouse to fully enjoy the benefits of marriage.

According to him, marrying the wrong person will lead to inevitable downfall. Kwaku Manu strongly believes that marriage is a divine institution, and those who enter into it with the right partner will experience its full blessings.

“Marriage is one of the most significant commitments, as ordained by God.

While some may experience prosperity after marriage, marrying a deceitful individual can lead to downfall. There are cases where one partner is honest while the other is not,” he remarked.

“In my view, dishonesty is a grave offence,” he concluded in the video shared on Instagram.

In a related development, Kwaku Manu recently refuted the unfounded rumours circulating on social media regarding his former wife, Dianne Naa Okailey, allegedly demolishing his house.

In a video he recorded while driving, the comic actor dismissed the report as false and commended Naa for her decency, stating that she would never stoop to such levels.

Kwaku Manu clarified that his ex-wife is currently residing in the United States of America, making it impossible for her to carry out such an act in Ghana, as speculated.

He further clarified that the building shown in the viral video, which was claimed to be his house, was located in Nigeria.

Consequently, he urged the blogger responsible for spreading the misinformation to rectify the situation by creating a video and publicly admitting to the falsehood.

Source – Tru News Report


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