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I Have Never Been Loved – Yvonne Nelson

Ghanaian actress, model, film producer, and entrepreneur Yvonne Nelson has come out to say she has never been loved and described love as a scam since it was usually contingent.

When she acts, everyone is mesmerized by how well she plays her role. You can’t take your eyes off the TV, and you want to be just like her. But despite her talent and beauty, her love life is not a happy story.

During an interview that took place over the weekend on Power FM, the actress discussed her thoughts on several topics related to love and life. According to her observations, love is usually conditional, and hence a scam.

Yvonne Nelson has had a lot of reasons why she hasn’t been able to find love. The actress has been loveless since her 2012 split with Nigerian artist Iyanya. After Yvonne and her baby daddy, Jamie Roberts, split up, she felt she had fallen in love again, but someone else beat her to it

She said “I think love is a scam because we are all deceitful. If a person talks about love, There is always something else at stake when someone professes their love for you, whether it’s money or sex.” it is conditional so it is a scam.”

She went on to elaborate by saying, “What you see on TV is acting,” and then she went on to discuss the topic of love by saying, “Love is a scam in reality, and we all know it, isn’t it so?” When asked if she was in love, she reacted as though the question were a point-blank one: “Love, I am sorry, I am not there yet.” I used to love it, but it was like a joke. “It is a scam. Those were her main points.”

Source – Tru News Report

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