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Interior Minister To ‘Smoke Out’ Immigration Officers Helping Their Friends At KIA

Interior Minister Henry Quartey is taking decisive action to smoke out Immigration officers who abuse their authority by assisting their friends in bypassing airport procedures at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA).

Mr. Quartey has issued a stern warning to these officers stationed at KIA, cautioning them against the practice of escorting or receiving friends at the airport. Failure to comply with this directive will result in immediate termination.

During his recent visit to the GIS headquarters in Accra, Mr Quartey expressed his deep disappointment regarding the behaviour exhibited by certain officers.

He specifically highlighted instances where officers in uniform were observed aiding their friends in navigating immigration and security checkpoints, a behaviour that he unequivocally condemned.

“Men and women wear uniforms only to go and see off their friends at the Airport. They pull their bags right from the car and walk through checking, walk them through immigration, and even security points all the way.

“You see them lined up waiting for their friends, they take their bags. I have told the CG to send a message to them that it has to stop with immediate effect, and I mean immediate effect.

“We will send plain clothes to go there. If an immigration officer is found around the arrival hall or departure hall, engaging passengers please consider that you will be at home for a long time and that will be coming from me, not the CG. So, tell them,” quoted him to have said during his visit to the headquarters.

Source – Tru News Report


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