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Liam Hemsworth & Laura Dern All Over Each Other In L.A.

Liam Hemsworth is obviously over Miley Cyrus, and the proof is convincing—he is seen passionately kissing Laura Dern—except that it’s only a movie!

The 32-year-old gorgeous man and the 55-year-old timeless beauty were filming “Lonely Planet” in downtown Los Angeles. Imagine driving down a street and seeing these two passionately kissing… It would be cool until you realised it was all for Netflix.

Liam has recently been under heat from his ex-wife, Miley, who released “Flowers” on his birthday, allegedly to shade him.

Two years ago, People acquired court paperwork proving that Miley and Liam’s marriage was legally dissolved on January 28 by a Los Angeles judge. According to the court documents, neither party requested spousal support from the other, nor did the marriage produce any “common property assets or obligations.”

Source – Tru News Report

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