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Main Suspect Who Cut Down 300-Year-Old Okomfo Anokye Tree Denies Knowledge

A man who is suspected of cutting down the Okomfo Anokye historic tree has refuted any involvement in the felling of the 300-year-old tree.

This tree, which was planted many centuries ago, holds great historical significance to the Asante Kingdom and serves as a source of medicinal remedies for the residents living in close proximity to this sacred tree.

The man, who remains unidentified at this time, pleaded not guilty when presented before the Atasemanso court in Kumasi after being apprehended by the police on Wednesday. The case has been adjourned until November 23, 2023.

Referred to as the Okomfo Anokye Bese or the Feyiase cola tree, it is believed that this tree was cut down during the night by unknown individuals. Now, the tree lies motionless with its stump deeply embedded in the middle of the Kumasi Atonsu – Lake Bosomtwe road.

The Feyiase Akoyem traditional council has reported this incident to the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, and is awaiting further actions, which may include traditional rituals. For many years, this special tree, known for producing distinct black and white cola nuts, was not only enclosed by a wall to deter trespassers but also safeguarded by the residents of Feyiase Akoyem, an esteemed Ashanti community in the Bosomtwe District.

The Feyiase Akoyem Traditional Council and the police have joined forces in their quest to locate the individuals responsible for felling this historic cola tree, which was originally planted by the revered Chief Priest of the Asante, Okomfo Anokye.

Planted three centuries ago, it is believed that this cola tree sprouted after the esteemed chief priest, Okomfo Anokye, spat on the ground while chewing a cola nut during his journey through the community.

This sacred tree is believed to possess mystical powers capable of curing infertility and healing individuals afflicted with various ailments and spiritual curses. The Feyiase community is renowned for hosting some of Asante’s most significant historical events, including their battle against the Denkyiras in the 17th century.

Earlier, JoyNews reported that the police have apprehended one suspect to aid in the investigation regarding the felling of the renowned cola tree in Feyiase, which holds historical significance to Komfo Anokye.

On Tuesday morning, the residents of Feyiase, located in the Bosomtwe district of the Ashanti region, were met with a distressing sight as they discovered that the iconic tree had been cut down by unidentified culprits.

The residents are accusing a pastor of being involved in this unfortunate incident, claiming that he enticed the perpetrators with money to carry out the act, as he considered the tree to be “fetish”. It has come to the attention of JoyNews that the Feyiase Akoyem traditional council has reported the incident to Asantehene, Otumfour Osei Tutu II, and is now awaiting further actions, which may include traditional rituals.

Source – Tru News Report


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