Methods For Perfecting Your Kissing Technique

One of the most common signs of romantic affection is the exchange of passionate kisses. A kiss can be a pleasant or unpleasant experience, depending on how it is performed.

However, your love story can be drastically altered if you know how to kiss for the first time and do it correctly every time after that. But, there are still those who don’t brush their teeth or pay attention to their oral hygiene before a kiss. For this reason, we have prepared a guide on kissing techniques to help you perfect your kissing. We want you to know that it’s okay if your first few kisses aren’t perfect, so that you can relax and enjoy the process of learning how to kiss. It’s the kind of thing that improves with time. Let’s move on to some fundamental kissing advice now.

How to kiss properly

Permission is important

Aside from the fact that there is never a bad time to kiss, the fictional movie industry has taught us that there is no such thing. The more natural and unplanned it seems, the better. But if you know you’re going out on a date or for some other momentous occasion, you can take some precautions in advance. Furthermore, the importance of agreement is something that movies ignore to teach us. Even if a surprise kiss is your idea of a good time, it’s polite to ask permission before you give it. In our opinion, that approach could be more respectful and romantic.

Go slowly and gently

You can’t confuse passion with aggression. Nothing beats a soft, sweet, and tender kiss. Take your time, and avoid applying any unnecessary pressure during the kiss.

Make direct eye contact

While it’s acceptable to kiss with your eyes closed, making direct eye contact as you lean in for a kiss will greatly enhance the intimacy between the two of you. Your kisses will be more passionate and possibly less awkward as a result.

Try to avoid slamming your foreheads together

When kissing, do the noses touch? Does trying to kiss cause a bang in the forehead? If you know how to kiss properly, though, the answer is “no.” It is no guarantee that you will succeed the first time around. The outcome could be something you laugh about in the years to come and always remember. In any case, if you don’t want to find yourself in this predicament, try gently guiding your partner’s face to the side.

Prolong the kiss

You might be wondering, “How can I make my kiss longer?” if you’ve enjoyed the act of a kiss. Change the intensity of your kiss if you want to make it last longer. The next step from a peck or lip kiss could be the ultimate French kiss, where you actually touch tongues. To accomplish this, focus on moving down from the top lip to the bottom lip of your partner.

Make use of your hands

It’s not just your lips and tongue that make up a kiss. You may be wondering if it is appropriate to use your hands during a kiss. Make more physical contact while locking lips by using them. One hand can be around the other person’s neck while the other is used to gently run through their hair. You could also grab your partner around the middle of the body.

Don’t forget to brush your teeth

Lack of proper oral hygiene on either party can ruin even the most promising kissing opportunity. If your mouth smells, these kissing tips may be useless.

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