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Moment Fine Gentleman Walks Into Office And Steals Phone Without Anybody’s Knowledge

The video showed the man moving up to the phone that was plugged in and left on the floor to charge while acting as though he was making a call. 

He quickly moved the phone with his leg after unplugging it, bent down slightly, picked up the phone, and put it in his pocket. He left the office while continuing to act as though he was on the phone with his next step.

People were shocked to learn that although he appeared responsible based on how he was dressed, he managed to outwit everyone at the office. The video has sparked massive reactions online, some of which have been shared below:

phemmypoko wrote: “Fear people that wear native a lot. Na them.”

Trevbil: “See his Kaftan. At least we can see that dressing has no real impact on character.”

endylight1 added: “No be only who wear jeans and polo they do this thing, some na traditional oleburuku. If them catch am now he go say na Devil cause am.”

Watch the video below:

Source – Tru News Report


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