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Nigeria’s Joeboy Waxes Lyrical About Ghana’s Kwesi Arthur

Nigerian musician Joeboy is currently in Ghana, presumably to promote his music, and he recently gave an exclusive interview to 3FM.

During the interview, the host pointed out that Joeboy rarely features other artists on his projects, unlike his peers who often include multiple collaborations on their albums.

In response, Joeboy explained that he prefers to work with only a select few artists because they are individuals he has a personal connection with.

He clarified that he doesn’t easily make friends in the industry, so the artists he chooses to collaborate with are those he shares common interests.

He mentioned that one such artist is Ghana’s Kwesi Arthur, with whom Joeboy has a friendship that extends beyond the music industry.

Kwesi Arthur also expressed his admiration for Joeboy in 2021, following their collaboration on the track ‘Baajo.’ The rapper described their working experience as pleasant and effortless. ‘Baajo’ was released in December 2020, and its official music video has amassed over 3 million views on YouTube as of April 5, 2024.

“It was very cool, really easy. Joeboy is a fun and easygoing person. I sent him the song and he liked it, and he sent it back and the vibe was amazing,” disclosed the 2021 MTV Africa Music Awards nominee in an interview.

“You know ‘Baajo’ kind of has this happy vibe to it. When I recorded it and sent it to my people, they were all like “Yo chale Joeboy be the person you for get on this one” and I could tell too because he was the only one I had in mind when I was making it. So I hit him up and it was really easy. He came all the way to Ghana from Nigeria to shoot the video, he didn’t stress us one bit. Everything was very cool.”

“We just had some plans for the rollout and how the tape would go. Because corona hit and stuff and we’ve had some issues to deal with, so it couldn’t be done on time. So we had to push it back. But this year, it’s coming,” he said.

Source – Tru News Report


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