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Only Men Still Marry For Love – Slay Queen Sparks Online Debate

A South African Twitter influencer named Usisi Nandi asserts that guys are the only ones in the world who continue to get married for love.

The slay queen claims that women no longer for love get involved with members of the opposite sex because of love but marry wealthy guys in the hopes of falling in love later. Usisi’s remark surely did provoke an online debate, which resulted in a flood of opposing views in the comment area.

She wrote; “Sadly only Men still marry for love, Women marry for money hoping to fall in love later.”

See reactions below;

@birdyblossom; social media is a bit different than real life…outside of social media I don’t know women like this. When a girl tells me she likes someone she starts out by saying “he’s funny, sweet, good looking, etc” I don’t know women who are immediately like “he makes 6 figures”

@Tdelantec1; Wait a minute!!!! You cant say that out loud on here! Your homegirls not gonna like this bc they swear they marrying for love off the top! So they lying is what you are saying?!

@Lyioguong; Alot of men marry for convenience lol. They’ll marry you cause you can cook and clean not because they love you 😹💀

@QueenKittyNB; My ex husband didn’t love me 😹😹 he married me for STATUS… to look good.. Then another ex wanted to marry me cause of how I functioned, clout and what a couple represented. But not out of love, more possession.

@3missrooxx3; This doesn’t speak for all women 👀 I have a career and money and don’t look at men like they are cash cows. I’m always for love. I even have friends who married men who make or have less than them and they certainly didn’t marry for money.

Source – Tru News Report


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