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Reactions as soldier punishes man for wooing his girlfriend

A young man was severely punished for having the audacity to approach a soldier’s girlfriend as seen in a video making rounds on the internet.

Per the content of the video, the furious soldier grabbed the young man and proceeded to subject him to some agonizing, degrading punishment. He instructed him to take a seat on the floor, maintain a straight back, and spread his hands out in the style of a motorbike rider.

After that, the military commander placed his right leg on the man’s hands and his left leg on his head. No matter how uncomfortable or difficult the exercise is, he instructed him to refrain from moving his head or letting his hands drop.

Another person recording him as he was serving punishment demanded that he smiles for the camera instead of keeping a gloomy face.

The soldier’s action sparked condemnation from Nigerians who said it is unprofessional and unlawful.

In reaction, ogkelechi15 wrote; Is this right?

btc____x; Leg no go pain the soldier..? 😂

toheeb_bakare_ishola; Na nonsense then Dey do 😡

the_savage_dj; This is wrong. What if he no know. No be say he knack soldier babe

wale0fficial_; See wetin man do man.

toheeb_clever; But why soldier wife gree 😂😂😂😂

otunba555; These soldiers should be identified and thoroughly dealt with. This is precisely why most people have no sympathy whatsoever for the economic travails of the military…😤

alakatanpo; Lol i swear no be me sha, the matter go turn national issue

brenda_waters109; Soja no go die better if I no break one of them head run call me mumu

chudbandy; Abuse of power and this is oppression

linno47; Wat a nonsense dat army guy should be figured out nd dealt wilt accordingly.Wat a fool rubbish nd even had the gods to post it.

tenfi_ngers; Come and try it in Abeokuta. Have you ever heard that soldier m@ltreat anyone in abk because of little offense 🤩 when he no one d!e young. After punishing the guy the thing wey go do am spiritual no be for here 🤩after God na obatala I Dey worship.

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