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Rickey Smiley Describes His Son Brandon Smiley’s Death As A “Terrible Nightmare”

In an emotional video, comedian Rickey Smiley spoke frankly about his sadness following the death of his son Brandon Smiley, describing it as “somebody stomping on my chest.”

Rickey Smiley is devastated over the passing of his 32-year-old son, Brandon Smiley.

In a recent Instagram video, the comic discussed his loss in an emotional manner. In the 11-minute footage, which was shot a day after Brandon’s death, Rickey frankly described how “the sadness is setting in” for himself and the rest of the family in the aftermath of the heart-breaking loss.

“I feel bad for my other kids,” he bemoaned. “My kids are confused. They don’t know what to do.”

Rickey said, “I just never thought I would be a member of an organization where you have to bury your kids. It’s a terrible nightmare.”

Explaining that he first did not weep due to “shock,” the 54-year-old described his feelings as “somebody stomping on my chest and it’s just non-stop.”

Rickey said, “Tears are falling from your eyes, yet you’re not weeping.” “And then you cry with no tears falling from your eyes.”‘

The Rickey Smiley For Real actor revealed that while his mother is disturbed by Brandon’s death, his youngest son Malik was most affected by the tragedy.

“He got his own issues,” Rickey explained of the 21-year-old. “He’s fighting to stay alive because he’s dealing with a lot, dealing with depression and anxiety.”

Elsewhere in the video, Rickey lamented how he “wasn’t perfect,” but gave it his all when it came to parenting his children. “I didn’t play no games,” he said as he held back his tears. “I just tried to be the best dad I could be. That’s all. It is what it is.”

A memorial for Brandon has been scheduled for Feb. 4. It will be held in Rickey’s hometown of Birmingham, Ala.

Since Brandon’s passing, the comedian has been leaning on his faith. As he wrote on Instagram Jan. 31, “Even in the midst of your darkest hour, #God is still good. God gave me so many good years with my son… I don’t have anything to complain about. If you think you’ve having a bad day, give God some praise.”

He added in an accompanying video, “I am certainly blessed.”

A cause of death for Brandon has not been made public. He is survived by friends and family, including his daughter Storm, 3, his mom Brenda, and sisters D’Essence, 25, Taylor, 22, and Aaryn, 21.

Source – Tru News Report

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