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Think Before You Talk- Baba Sadiq Rips Into Shatta Wale Again

3Music Network CEO, Baba Sadiq has ripped into Shatta Wale over his posture on the highly controversial Meek Mill Jubilee House music video brouhaha.

This was after the honcho of the fearsome SM fraternity said all of the people who have condemned the American rapper and President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo over the aforementioned issue are ‘villagers.’

While that while weighing in on the matter that dominated social media a few days ago, Shatta Wale said Meek did nothing wrong and didn’t deserve the avalanche of criticism aimed at him.

In his tweets, Wale had said: You wan go america go take pictures for White House , You say “year of return “ and your own black brother come shoot video as he return home you bore .. You are a villager trust me !!! JJC —Jon’s.

However, Baba Sadiq, who has clashed with the musician a number of times, was quick to pick on him again by revealing that he ‘talks anyhow.’ Sadiq said;

“Persons like Shatta Wale always use situations to spread their stupidity.” We sit down in this nation, and you say, “What?” as a foreign rapper is permitted to insult the president and the foundation of our statehood? The presidency is where the executive branch of government resides. That is where power is used, so why do you let anyone in by simply walking in? They release that disgusting song, which contains explicit sexual violence, and Shatta Wale asks, “What?”

If the claim is that these individuals are boosting tourism, weren’t the performances that Ghanaian artists arranged in December intended to encourage tourism?” In an interview with Accra FM, he said, “Wouldn’t that be great if these Ghanaian artists, including Shatta Wale, were even hosted in the Jubilee House and slapped on the back or even given incentives for doing a good job?”

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