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US Rapper Fredo Bang Gets The Internet Buzzing After He Impregnated Lesbian Couple, Welcomes Babies With Them

American rapper Fredrick Dewon Thomas Givens II, better known by his stage as Fredo Bang, has welcomed two new babies with a lesbian couple after having a threesome with them.

Per the content of the wild gossip making rounds online, Bang engaged in several threesomes with the duo after which the lesbian couple, Sevyn and Annie Buffins each gave birth to a child fathered by him.

Fans started praising Fredo on social media when it was revealed that he will be welcoming two BMs into his extended family. This week, the rapper from Baton Rouge shared gorgeous pictures of his two kids on Instagram.

Many of his admirers definitely wanted to know who the child’s mother was in addition to congratulating him on parenthood.

A lesbian couple with a sizable online following was immediately identified by internet sleuths as having previously shared the identical children’s pictures on their Instagram profile. Naturally, many were curious about the mother and children of the “Don’t Miss” rapper.

The parents, Annie and Sevyn Buffins, reportedly claimed that IVF was used to conceive the children. However, some questioned whether Fredo was the father of the infant and the older child. Later, Annie revealed in a comment that she and Sevyn used IUI to conceive their son, Parker.

“So lemme get this straight… you think Fredo & Sevyn made Parker? We did do IUI,” she wrote.

“We never lied. We just never said how Payton came about. Kept that to myself until I was ready. Now I’m wrong for doing what was best for me lmao gah damn,” she added in response to a homophobic comment.

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