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Virgin Man Hits Social Media In Search Of A Virgin Lady to Marry

A 33-year-old man has turned to the internet for assistance in his search for a partner who shares his ideals so that they can get married.

According to the content of the message he addressed to an online counsellor, the man requested assistance from the counsellor in finding a woman who possesses the traits he is searching for in a bride.

In his words, he is still a virgin while claiming he has never been in a relationship and that he is afraid of contemporary women because they are so active in the bedroom. He explicitly requested a woman who, like him, is a virgin and would love to maintain their virginity till marriage.

His statement as contained in the message he sent to the counsellor, reads; “I’m a guy of 33, and proudly a virgin. I’m from Anambra and looking forward to settling down from 2023. I’ve not been in any relationship before now and I’m scared of this end time ladies with high penile mileage.

I need someone who shares the same value with me,no sex before marriage. I need someone I can trust and have a peaceful home with. A post you made about 3 hours ago about a girl of 21 or 22yrs who wants to keep herself, really got me.

I will so much appreciate it if you can link us up. Or any advice from you will be welcome.”

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