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“What Audacity Do You Have To Ask What The Church Is Doing With Money?” – Prophet Kofi Oduro Fires Critics

The General Overseer of Alabaster International Ministry, Prophet Kofi Oduro, has lambasted critics who think the church is scamming vulnerable people by taking offerings and tithes from them.

Prophet Oduro’s comment comes after a picture of Pastor Elvis Agyemang’s finance officers counting money went viral on social media.

Following the image, many have criticized him and other pastors of extorting monies from vulnerable Christians in the name of prayers and miracles.

Several pastors have risen to the defence of Pastor Elvis Agyemang, whose online prayer service known as Alpha Hour, has grown in popularity despite criticisms.

Prophet Kofi Oduro, who’s the latest to comment on the matter, said no one can tell the church how to make money and use same.

“When the government set up a desk at Kotoka Airport and collected $100 from each arriving passenger, no one complained. No one has yet questioned the government how much profit E-levy has generated. I was watching the Public Accounts Committee sitting last week, it was revealed that the money someone owes from 2020 that they promised to pay has still not been paid.”

“We have not asked the Chief of Staff how many land cruisers she has, how much it costs Akufo-convoy Addo’s to travel each month, or how much fuel is provided to presidential staffers and government functionaries, some of which are extended to girls at Legon, Takoradi, UCC, Central University, and Presbyterian University.”

“Pastor Richard was at Korle bu, one night at the ICU I was paying ₵4000. He stayed there for one month, plus the medication which cost me over ₵70,000. We have not asked you how much Korle bu makes. You YouTubers and bloggers, we haven’t even bothered to inquire what you’ve gotten out of all those views to justify the foolishness and crap you’ve been peddling; you’re sitting there with a stupid mindset. Have we asked as to the extent to which you benefit from YouTube? “he asked.

“You didn’t come for the 31st night crossover night; you didn’t give offering; we that gave offerings and we’re happy doing it; nobody forced us to do it; what audacity do you have to come and be asking what the church is doing with money; how we got the money; has your money been stolen.? I’m curious as to why you’d go to the extent of bringing your madness to a church. Is that money even money? The money picture that went viral, there are churches in this country we can count offerings for four days without finishing just for Sunday service. So, your problem is that the church is making money and you think we don’t deserve it. Get ready, because this year we will make money”.

“Let’s pray for this country. This country is sick, and so are you. The sickness is that people worry if everyone in this country is doing well. You haven’t asked how many lives are being saved, how many people are being blessed, how many people are getting the fruit of the womb, and how many people are being healed”he stated.

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Source – Tru News Report

Frebetha Atieku Adjoh

News Editor, Lover of Arts & Entertainment

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