What Men Look For In A Wife

Wifey material is a term used to describe a woman who has the potential to make an excellent wife. In spite of the fact that the features of a perfect wife and the roles she should play in a marriage will differ from one person to the next, there are some characteristics that almost everyone would agree make someone suitable for a lifelong commitment like marriage.

A wifey-material lady has qualities like being an adult, being financially independent, and being there for you no matter what.

Even so, there are a few other telltale indicators, and we’ll go over those in more depth below.

The standards for what made a woman “marriage material” in the 1950s were far lower than they are now.

Spouses who were “perfect” in their roles as mothers, housewives, and wives were those who had supper ready for their husbands by 6:00 p.m., every night.

A lot of progress has been made since then, thank goodness. These days, a potential bride doesn’t need to be mild-mannered and subservient in order to be considered a good catch.

Here are 10 indicators that a lady is suitable for marriage:

She supports you through the good times and the bad

A woman who isn’t there for you even when circumstances are tough isn’t someone you should consider marrying. There will always be challenges in life. A devoted woman is there for her husband no matter what challenges life presents them with.

She’s not afraid to spice up her bedtime routine

Most relationships require some level of physical closeness, and it can be challenging to keep the passion alive after a number of years of marriage. Because she values maintaining the romance in the relationship, a wife material will be willing to try new things in bed with you.

She can support herself financially

While it’s not inherently bad for one partner to earn a living and the other to remain home and take care of the kids, fighting over money is a certain way to drive a wedge between a couple. It may be cause for concern if she is just staying in the marriage for the financial benefits it provides.

She is someone who will back your ambitions

Rather than asking you to give up your ambitions, a wife-worthy lady would support you in pursuing them together. She’ll need you to succeed at them as well because she cares about your happiness.

She’s a good communicator

She will be a great wife if she has strong communication skills including maintaining a cheerful attitude, resolving conflicts without resorting to defensiveness, and expressing her thoughts clearly. Having fruitful conversations as a couple is linked to happier marriages.

She has good manners

“Indicators of ‘wife material’ range from cleaning the bed after a sleepover to doing the wallet dance (thanks, but we’ll pay). It’s so elementary, yet it expresses a thoughtfulness that you don’t frequently get from those who feel entitled to your gallantry.”

She doesn’t bring up your past mistakes

All of us have a history, and most of us have made some choices we regret. A potential life partner who is also a good catch won’t judge you harshly for your mistakes.

She has her own life

A lady who has her own interests and activities outside of her relationship is the most interesting potential life partner, in my opinion. She has her own profession, her own group of friends, her own sense of independence, her own set of goals and aspirations, and a personal collection of at least fifteen to twenty pieces of music on vinyl. By the way, this is also something a woman has a right to expect from a possible spouse.

She makes an effort to get to know your friends

Friends are essential, even after we’ve tied the knot. The fact that she can get along with your pals and even hang out with the dudes on occasion is evidence that she values those who you do. This demonstrates that she is a good candidate for marriage.

She’s a good cook

Food is powerful in marriage. Besides sex, it bonds marriage.

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