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Yaa Pono Insults Event Organiser For Maltreating Nautyca On Stage to Make Way For Shatta Wale to Perform

Rapper Ponobiom has expressed his disdain about how his colleague Nautyca was recently treated at a concert just to satisfy Shatta Wale’s ego.

According to reports, Nautyca overstayed his time duration on stage and at a point, he was shoved off to make way for Shatta Wale to perform by the organisers. Nautyca later revealed that he was not satisfied with his performance, which is why he refused to leave the stage and asked Shatta Wale to come and perform.

But Shatta Wale also felt disrespected, so he came on stage and insulted Nautyca’s mother in his typical fiery demeanour.

Ponobiom, who is one of the antagonists of Shatta Wale given their protracted feud over the years, found the perfect opportunity to hit back at the SM boss by slamming the organisers for what they did to Nautyca.

In a tweet, Ponobiom wrote: “Who be the Killa for Tema ,!,, when u allow make dem push Nautica off stage … that mimlife ppl be the most useless record label in tema .. u go meet me and run every time.”

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