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Angry DKB Confronts Truck Driver After He Avoids Near Fatal Accident

A couple of months following a close call with a near fatal accident, comedian Derrick Kobina Bonney (DKB) has revealed to his fans how he managed to avoid another accident recently.

In the self-recorded video obtained by Tru News Report from DKB’s Instagram, the Ghanaian comedian fearlessly stepped out of his vehicle and approached a truck parked recklessly, seeking out the individuals who owned it.

He encountered two men believed to be the driver and his assistant, and he sternly confronted them for neglecting to place a warning sign behind the truck to alert other drivers of its malfunction.

The men claimed they had placed a warning triangle behind the truck, but it had either been stolen or run over by passing vehicles.

DKB, not satisfied with their explanation, insisted that they could have used tree branches as an alternative to prevent any potential accidents, emphasizing that he had almost collided with the stationary truck.

In December 2023, DKB recounted a terrifying experience he had while driving home from a program.

In the early hours of the morning that the accident occurred, he mentioned that he unexpectedly encountered a kitchen stool in the middle of the road.

DKB emphasized that celebrities like himself are constantly targeted spiritually, and if it weren’t for his quick reflexes, he could have been involved in a fatal accident.

During his discussion about Edem’s recent accident, where he collided with a naked woman and his car flipped, DKB shared his encounter with the danger most celebs in the spotlight go through.

Reflecting on the incident, DKB revealed that he believed the stool held some spiritual significance, and if he had swerved to avoid it, he might have lost control of his vehicle and met a tragic end.

Instead, he decided to drive through the obstacle, resulting in damage to his car. Watch the video below:

Source – Tru News Report


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