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Ayra Starr Slams Afrochella Organizers After Her Stage Fall, Tells Them To Do Better Next Time [Video]

Having felt embarrased after falling off the stage during her performance at Afrochella, Ayra Starr has expressed her disappointment in the organizers of the festival.

Afrochella is a festival that honors the creative spirit of African artists, musicians, and business people by showcasing their work and the many different cultures that make up Africa.

Music festival performer, Ayra Starr, slipped and fell terribly on stage in Ghana, but she got up and kept going.

The Nigerian diva spoke about the incident on her social media page after her performance, and told the event organizers to do better next time.

The stage at Afrochella “has to be cleaned after every artist performance,” she said.

Watch the instant she hit the ground;

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