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Before You Propose, Test Your Girlfriend By Cheating – Nigerian Writer to Men

A Nigerian copywriter, Chinedu Ihekwoaba has succeeded in grabbing all the attention online after he proposed a series of tests a man should administer to his girlfriend to determine whether or not she is the proper person to marry.

He said a man can adopt a five-step approach when testing his woman and if she passes all of them then she is a wife material.

One call per month was described as the first test by Chinedu, and the second was for him to only respond to her SMS after two days. Ihekwoaba also suggested that the boyfriend borrow money from his girlfriend instead of giving it to her.

He claims that the final test is for the guy to cheat on his girlfriend, but if she doesn’t object, he can go ahead and start dating her.

He wrote; “Before you marry your gf, let her pass thru small shege.

Like: Call her once a month. Don’t reply to her chats for two days. Don’t give her shishi. Borrow money from her and don’t pay it back. Cheat on her. If she didn’t complain, my bro, marry her. Na wife material.”

Social media users shared some divergent views in reaction to the post as they noted that such a test may be foolhardy.

@Greenedagod1; What if she didn’t complain, then after marrying her she starts punishing you for all this? women can be smart and at the same time they can pretend, they can play mind games too.

She might find out you’re just testing her, she’ll play along and in the end when you guys marry she’ll start testing you in the marriage as a punishment, that’s worse 😂

@Chinenyeokoyead; I don’t think intentionally treating your people/girl friend bad will help you determine if you will be with them.

The reason why I don’t joke with the word of God is because it has given us a guild to ever aspect of life. Pls Test people by the fruit they produce as u relate.

Source – Tru News Report


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