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Bisa Kdei Recounts How A Few Minutes Of Prayer Saved Him, Sista Afia And Others From A Ghastly Accident On The Aburi Road

Singer Bisa Kdei, whose real name is Roland Kwaku Appiah, has recounted how he and his team escaped a ghastly accident together with colleague Sista Afia on the Aburi road not too long ago.

Sharing the scary moment of his life on Hitz FM, Bisa Kdei asserted that he and his crew would have died if it weren’t for the prayers they offered to God at that precise moment shortly before the accident happened.

Apparently, two vehicles from ‘nowhere’ rammed into them shortly after they packed their cars and were praying by the roadside.

He was quoted as saying, “We were returning from Aburi, and something was telling me that we should pray constantly with my boys. We stopped by the wayside after I informed them that I felt like something was urging us to pray. I had only signed Sista Afia a few days before. Even Sista Afia was a member of the group.”

“So, after parking, we prayed together while holding hands, and fifteen minutes later, two automobiles plowed into us. It was terrible, and I initially believed that I had lost my voice. Although we were all hunched over with our necks locked, I sprung to my feet like a machine and hurried to check on my guys. Everyone was fine, but the cars were all mangled. It was wild.”

Source – Tru News Report


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