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Dancer Reacts to Illuminati Allegations Against Rema Over 02 Concert

On November 14, 2023, Rema held a highly successful concert at the O2 Arena. However, the event was marred by allegations from some attendees that it was a sinister and occult ritual.

In response to the negative rumours that circulated online, one of Rema’s dancers, @Mvrziano, took to social media to address the situation. He posted a video in which he sought to clarify the nature of Rema’s performance.

Expressing his confusion, the dancer questioned how a work of art could be labeled as demonic. He felt compelled to provide an explanation to dispel any misconceptions.

The dancer specifically mentioned the song Rema performed at the O2 show, called “Panthera,” which was part of the popular Black Panther album from the previous year. He expressed surprise that some audience members mistook the lyrics for incantations, failing to recognize the song for what it truly was.

Furthermore, the dancer emphasized that their role at the concert was to energize the crowd, as Rema had achieved the remarkable feat of being the youngest Afrobeat singer to sell out the O2 Arena. He urged people to read the lyrics of the song, as they would find nothing demonic in them.

In the video, Mvrziano also explained that the bat symbolizes Rema’s hometown in Nigeria. To support his point, he shared a tweet from Rema in 2021, where the artist explained that bats dominate the night skies in Benin City, his place of origin. The bat emoji is Rema’s signature symbol, as it reminds him of home.

Mvrziano said, “He was literally just rapping a song that literally everyone loved globally from an album last year.”

Source – Tru News Report


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