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Eyram Tricked Me- Asantewaa Bares It All In New Video

Ghanaian Tiktok star Asantewaa has said that her former friend Eyram tricked and manipulated her which is why she will never trust anyone again.

In an emotional video reshared by blogger Tutugyagu, Asantewaa said she never thought Eyram would betray her trust and connive with another person to dupe her.

The former professional nurse cum content creator sadly said, “I knew Eyram would always be there for me. She suggested that I take care of myself before introducing myself to someone. There was no reason to distrust her because I was so at ease.”

Apparently, Asantewaa has previously revealed her ¢300,000 had gone with the wind because of Eyram, the baby mama of actor Aron Adatsi of YOLO fame after she convinced her to build her own home and move in before the end of the year.

Eyram had told Asantewaa that her cousin’s husband is a contractor and can finish the home for her on time.

The construction supplies and other necessities cost Asantewaa ¢300,000, which she paid for via her trusted friend via onward transfer to her cousin’s husband.

However, when she visited the construction site to get acquainted with the progress of the project, she was shocked they had not done anything.

Ultimately, both Eyram and the alleged cousin’s husband refused to pick up her numerous calls, prompting her to file a report at the police station.

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