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Gloria Sarfo Finally Addresses The Rumors About Enhancing Her Body

Ghanaian actress and TV presenter Gloria Osei Sarfo have been at the center of allegations that she had plastic surgery to modify her appearance and has broken her silence on the topic.

In the opinion of the veteran actress, it is both ridiculous and a waste of time for her to seek the services of a surgeon in order to have surgery done on her body.

In a recent post on Instagram, Gloria Sarfo aggressively called out the people who were responsible for the creation of the false news publications and recommended they do something more constructive with their life.

“So people actually think that I will have the time to go and add to a part of my body,,, really?@ like seriously??? SMH” she said.

“Me that I’m trying to lose weight,, will now go and add? Eiiii. So what, People can’t work on themselves naturally anymore Wow,.. strange and evil minded people all over !! Well, no disrespect to those who feel its ok to do it, BUT I’m sorry, THAT’S NOT MY STYLE…THANK YOU !! Such a shame.”

After verbally attacking the rumor spreaders, she protected herself from the comments of her coworkers who had gotten plastic surgery by making it clear that she does not have a problem with the practice of surgically enhancing one’s physique. Although she isn’t interested in undergoing plastic surgery herself, she doesn’t judge those who do so to boost their own confidence and sense of attractiveness.

Check out her post below

Source – Tru News Report

Frebetha Atieku Adjoh

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