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Heroes Or Villains? Watch ‘Secret Invasion” Casts Weigh In

Marvel’s “Secret Invasion” premieres today June 21.

The cast of “Secret Invasion” talks about their favourite Samuel L. Jackson movies, whether it’s harder to play a hero or a villain, first-day memories on set, the best golfer in the MCU, the likelihood that Emilia Clarke and Ben Mendelsohn will return to the Star Wars universe, and more.

A worn-out Fury returns to Earth, teams up with Talos try to stop the Skrulls who have infiltrated the highest spheres of the Marvel Universe.

If you want your Skrull theories confirmed and to know why Nick Fury is forever a changed man, Secret Invasion is the Marvel series to watch.

Premiers today to Disney+ in June 21. Watch trailer here.

Source – Tru News Report

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