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I Can’t Pay School Fees In Dollars Anymore – Auntie Muni Bemoans Present Economic Hardship

Famous Ghanaian entrepreneur, Auntie Muni, revealed in a recent interview conducted on Asaase Radio that the current hardship in the country under the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) has somewhat stalled her progress in some facets as a businesswoman.

According to her, her business was doing much better in the past, but not anymore. Auntie Muni’s business was booming so much that she was able to fund her children’s tertiary education at Ashesi University, where school fees are paid in dollars. She made the disclosure when the interviewer asked her how she was thriving and whether her famous Waakye business was lucrative.

Auntie Muni is a member of the Dagomba tribe from Tamale in the Northern Region of Ghana. Despite receiving only a middle school education, she relocated to Accra approximately twenty years ago to assist her aunt in the restaurant business, eventually assuming ownership.

Initially, the business operated primarily from home, with Auntie Muni’s aunt providing the initial start-up capital. However, due to customer demand, Auntie Muni relocated the business to a roadside location, a decision that has proven to be successful.

Auntie Muni intends to expand her business but acknowledges that securing a suitable location is a significant challenge. Additionally, she is seeking a suitable trade name. Despite her limited educational background, Auntie Muni’s resilience as a mother and mentor to young people in her community has earned her the affectionate title of “Auntie.” Her optimistic outlook on life and business, coupled with her success, make her a compelling subject for research and media attention.

In conclusion, Auntie Muni exemplifies the achievements made by a woman entrepreneur with low means and education who is respected by her community. Indeed, Madichie and Nkamnebe have previously looked at the barriers to microcredit for female small-business owners in Eastern Nigeria as well as the creative solutions they have developed to overcome these obstacles.

Source – Tru News Report


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